Fire Mobile is a poetic narrative beginning with the joining of two loves and culminating in a new life. Its sonnets speak from the voice of a man observing the mysterious, transformative, unpredictable progression of his beloved’s pregnancy. The mundane and the bizarre are domains playfully traversed in its pages as well as profound love and an awe for the creative capacities of the human body.

“Each of these pregnancy sonnets is, itself, a pregnancy — dense with love, discomfort, beauty and strangeness. Meticulously syllabic but not metrical, the poems follow their own clock while keeping one eye on the calendar, measuring transformation in quatrains and trimesters. And each one, when it has run its familiar course and delivered its final flourish, has given something new to the world — an original song “ ‘some months rehearsed / in the waters of you.’ ”
– Eric McHenry
New York Times book reviewer
author, Potscrubber Lullabies

“Matthew Porubsky writes into the ‘answer that spins secretly in plain sight’ when praising the mystery of the life force through poetically unfolding the pregnancy of his beloved. FIRE MOBILE, a powerful collection of sonnets, calls us to reclaim the beauty of the human body, gestation and birth. What makes this book particularly astonishing is that its generative and generous celebration of the sacred feminine was written by a man, who, in writing this, shows us the hard-won and shining soul of real love.”
– Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg
Poet Laureate of Kansas

voyeur poems is a collection of poetic instances where the observers feels absent from the scene they see but, in turn, cannot not escape the situation they have become a part of. These simple views of brief moments are centered around delicate sounds and sights that lead to visions of quiet heart brake and resonant daydreams.

Winner of the 2006 Kansas Authors Club Nelson Poetry Book Award

“An astonishing book of serious philosophical weight, like the poetry of the late Wallace Stevens…This book takes many risks and triumphs over them.”
– Jonathan Holden
Poet Laureate of Kansas 2006-2007

“The daydreams in Matthew Porubsky’s voyeur poems never slip into easy fantasies; his voyeur/narrator is generous with details. His particulars keep the poems grounded, always connected to a sensuous, credible world where ‘the stem from the cherry/…matches your lips.’ Like the narrator, when I read the poems in Porubsky’s first book, I, too, felt ‘the hairs on my arms and neck/ rise like the dead.’ ”
– Phil Miller
Editor, The Same

“In voyeur poems the world is under close surveillance. Through his keen-eyed poems, Porubsky faithfully renders all that his steady inward and outward gaze reveals, seeing past the surfaces of things into their very souls.”
– Amy Fleury
author Beautiful Trouble