I wrote this poem, Our Dream Union, on request from Keith Walberg and the producers at Gizmo Pictures. The poem and visuals were presented to help bring attention to Governor Brownback’s attack on the Kansas Arts Commission(KAC.) The Governor was successful in his abolishment of the KAC and the funding it provided to numerous artists and communities in the state of Kansas. Even so, this is still an incredible visual piece and I am proud to have participated.

Our Dream Union from Gizmo Pictures on Vimeo

Here is the trailer for Porubsky’s – Transcendent Deli, ADDY Best in Show winner. Thanks David Kitchner and Gizmo Pictures. You can purchase the documentary here.


This interview about the concept and filming of Porubsky’s – Transcendent Deli was sponsored by Transform Topeka.

Some more Porubsky’s publicity I was happy to help with.